Bright Is The Simple Guide to Great Parenting

Whether you want to work on behaviors like listening, or instill strengths like resilience or just having a more connected relationship with your kid, Bright has the answers. Take the quick lessons and receive daily activities and tips to apply what you learned IRL. If you’re stuck, get tips from other parents and even our trained coaches.

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As parents ourselves we were frustrated by how much information and misinformation is out there on parenting, so we started Bright to cut through the noise and bring parents the proven techniques and skills that contribute to terrific parent-child relationships.

You’ll learn how to reduce tensions and increase connection through a deeper understanding of your kid.

We keep our Lessons brief, because like you, we don’t have time to read sprawling parenting books. After the lessons, we follow up with small, fun Daily Practices so you can try out your skills in real life. You can skip them, save them, do them. But as with everything in life, doing is almost always better than not doing!

You’ll also get real tips from other parents on how they make it work. What silly games do other parents play to bond with their kids? How do other parents stay calm when feeling disrespected? How do other parents not laugh when a 3 year old curses in the cutest toddler voice?

And if something’s not working you can always email one of our trained coaches and they’ll help you figure out how to tailor these proven skills to your unique family.




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Parent like a pro

Unleash your kid’s best behaviors

Bright is the parenting manual you’ve always wanted, with simple lessons from experts on changing the behaviors that bother you most.

These techniques have been proven effective in evidence based studies for parents who strive to balance being nurturing and setting clear limits.


Discover ways to increase connection

Want to have more fun with your kid? Get them to talk to you more? Know what to say when they’re scared?

Learn these and more skills that foster a close, connected relationship.



Understand your kid more

Gain a better understanding of what makes your kid tick. This is the real magic! With this knowledge you can be the best possible parent to your unique kid.


Bite-sized lessons that fit any schedule

Flip through lessons whenever you have a few minutes. Browse techniques or work on specific behaviors and strengths. You’ll feel calmer and more in control.




Discover your daily practice

Every day, you’ll get one recommended practice to hone a skill or connect with your kid.

And it’s all personalized to what matters to you most.


Keep everyone in sync

Moms, dads, nannies, grand-parents… all grownups learn the same techniques and stays on the same page.

That’s good for you and your kid.




Find tips from other parents like you

Find tips from parents on how they get these techniques to work for them, whether it’s a special way of saying “I love you” or a trick to stay calm before giving a consequence.

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