Westchester Anxiety Treatment Psychological Services, PC is pleased to announce the opening of our Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Program!

What is PCIT?

PCIT is an evidence-based behavioral parent training program that focuses on improving the quality of the parent child relationship while teaching parents behavior management skills.

What sets PCIT apart from other parent training programs is its use of active coaching:
parents can practice using the skills the learn while receiving live feedback from the therapist.

PCIT is regarded as the “gold standard” of treatment for disruptive behaviors in young children and numerous research studies have demonstrated that its effects last long after treatment has concluded.

Understanding PCIT

  • Does your child often refuse to do what you ask?
  • Do you find yourself often arguing with your child?
  • Does your child often whine and cry?
  • Is your child constantly seeking attention?
  • Are you at a loss of what else you can try?
  • Is your child between the ages of 2 and 7 years old?

If the answer is yes, PCIT may work for you and your family!

For More Information About PCIT Please Contact: